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  • Best Job / Employment… May 20, 2018

    Best Job / Employment Portals with Video Resume Option  Video resumes are a perfect way to make you stand out of the monotonous pile of rambling resumes and to efficiently reveal facets of your personality to the potential employer. In almost 30 seconds, a recruiter may have a glance at your overall personality and interpersonal skills. The impression which you can create with a video resume, cannot be created with a simple word document. Video resumes have been progressively gaining popularity in India now. A lot many job portals in India provide video resume service to its registered candidates. Following..

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  • Are Job Portals getting… May 20, 2018

    Are Job Portals getting you a Job - MUST READ !!!!! Till college most of us actually do not know what kind of company and job we want to land up with, as not everything as we plan turns out to be how we planned or wanted. What we all know is that after a certain period of time those of us who want a job or serve this sector start looking for it right from the college days. Though we are available with many helping bodies there like placement cells etc. but somehow even if we gets placed or..

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  • AREA’s to COVER in… May 20, 2018

    AREA’s to COVER in your SOP (Statement of Purpose)   - A General Article, written to educate career aspirants globally. PART 1: START WITH SELF INTRODUCTION AND DETAILS ABOUT YOUR FAMILY LIKE - Qualification and Work Experience Details from 10th till date including following details. Ø  Brief Introduction about yourself Ø  Interests/Inclinations Ø  Qualification Name Ø  Year of Passing Ø  Board / University Ø  Percentage. Ø  Reasons for pursuing your previous education If any Work Experience add following details- Ø  Company’s Name Ø   Designation Ø   Month/Year of joining and leaving. Ø  Job role A little brief about your Parents, Spouse..

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  • Guidelines for Writing an… May 20, 2018

      PURPOSE: Main objective of the SOP Guidelines is to make an applicant aware of Do’s and Don’ts of SOP. What all to mention and what to not. WHAT IS SOP (Statement of Purpose): The Statement of Purpose is the single most important part of your application that will tell the admissions committee who you are, what has influenced your career path so far, your professional interests and where you plan to go from here. Remember that your statement of purpose is the only opportunity you will have to let the admission committee directly get to know you. They will..

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  • HOW TO PREPARE FOR… May 20, 2018

    HOW TO PREPARE FOR VISA TELEPHONIC INTERVIEW Remember you never get a second chance to make your first impression. The candidates facing these interviews and getting their VISA’s are just not lucky. They spend immense amount of time both on research and preparation because they know how important those minutes can be to their entire career. As part of your application/visa application process, you may have to attend an admission/ visa interview by telephone. To help you prepare for the same, here are some of the very important guidelines that you must follow to avoid landing yourself in an unwanted situation...

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  • HOW TO LEARN QUICKLY… May 20, 2018

    HOW TO LEARN QUICKLY | LEARNING TIPS   In school days when we had exams the biggest hurdle is that though we keep reading the same thing again and again yet we remain unable to learn the concept and retain them, which eventually makes us loose our interest. When I was at that age I always use to wonder that how to get to that method which can teach me to learn. This was easy but no one guided me, as a simple awareness about how our mind works can explain it all. But an article in Reader’s Digest once..

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  • Difference between Job Portal… May 20, 2018

    Difference between Job Portal and Video Job Portal Although Job Portals and Video Job portals, both perfectly assist a talented job seeker in searching an appropriate job, yet ‘Video Job Portals’ are becoming the first preference of the potential hires these days. Well, unless you know the difference between the two, you cannot even compare and conclude that which of the two is better. Let’s understand few nuances of both, ‘Job Portal’ and ‘Video Job Portal’. What is a “Job Portal”? A “Job Portal” is an employment website that consolidates various job openings from diverse organizations to assist the job..

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  • Making a great Resume:… May 20, 2018

    Making a great Resume: Get the basics right When you start out to create a  curriculum vitae or resume, there is no single format that is guaranteed to get you the eyeballs of recruiters. However, there are a few basic rules for creating a resume that you should keep in mind. The primary feature of a CV should be that it clearly explains to the reader the achievements made so far in your career by you.   Your CV should be: – A well-presented, selling document
– A source of interesting, relevant information
– A script for talking about yourself The main objective of your..

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  • 10 times saving job… May 20, 2018

    10 times saving job search tips to speedup your job hunting   Is your job search troubling you? Is your begin moderate or would you say you are struck some place in the center? Here is a list of efficient quest for new job search tips that help you. In case you’re contemplating a profession change however don’t think you have room schedule-wise, at that point I ask you to not surrender yet. Be Prepared Begin with making an email address that sounds proficient and is constrained to quest for new employment process. This causes you stay composed. Additionally, it..

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  • Learn the best ways… May 20, 2018

    Learn the best ways to explain employment gaps in your resume   As a job seeker, one of your greatest concerns while attending job interviews would be how gaps in your employment history could be perceived by the potential employer. Questions regarding your such gaps are sure to arise at some time or the other during your job search.   What’s the most ideal approach to answer inquiries regarding being out of work? The most vital thing is to convey positivity regarding the reasons for your employment gap. Never give the impression that such a gap has made you desperate to grab any..

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