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Remember! Website with no keyword ranking is as useless as a Car without Fuel.


We help you promote your website online with all your desired keywords in your business area in the shortest time with a guarantee. Website not optimized or with no seo ranking / keyword promotion is as useless as a car without fuel.

We assume that many of us have already heard about SEO but let us try to explain it for all those who do not know about it. SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a process to optimize your website in such a way that it starts to appear in search results with atleast major search engines. It is one of the most efficient way generate enquiries for your business products or services from your website. SEO is divided into two (2) part; One Page SEO & Off Page SEO. Both plays a vital role in optimizing your website so as to make your website a new Lead Generation Agent for your business.


It is very important for a website to fall under parameters of SEO and must include few important things like, meta tags, heading tags and unique content. If you already have a website and is not optimized upto the desired standards, do not worry; – WE SHALL DO IT FOR YOU!

Some Important FAQ's

It has been a common market phenomena that SEO is expensive but in reality it is the technicality and way which decides the cost of SEO for a website. Assume your website has more than 50% copied content, copied images, non impressive design, flash content or has low number of visitors, then the work to be done falls under HEAVY category. Now this will need a 360 revision of your website, hence SEO will become expensive. But in case your website is nicely built with no or very less copied content then pricing remains only for keyword optimization and costs very less.

It really depends upon the nature of business, competitor website’s and offcourse your website. Once all the required parameters (website optimization) are in place then keyword ranking may take as minimum as three (3) days to reflect your optimized page on google’s top 10.

It really depends on the number of pages your website has and the overall website quality. To say minimum of 1 keyword to 100+ keywords can be optimized in a website.

  • We have practically promoted all the websites we have built till date.
  • We give you SEO service with a guarantee or payment stop order till you get your website in Top 10 on Google.
  • Detailed & quick support.
  • Equipped with expert team of professionals.
  • Guaranteed timely delivery of services.
  • Affordable and reasonable prices.
  • We are backed up with trained professionals for your Social Media Optimization (SMO) which brings additional value to SEO.


We have multiple packages to choose from. Our SEO service starts from just Rs 3,000/- + GST per keyword per area. Click here to view Plans & Pricing.

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